Friday, July 10, 2009

Tyler Krpata: Picks for BlackHat 2009

As prompted by Jeremiah Grossman: Picks for BlackHat 2009

Day 1
  • FX: Router Exploitation
  • Nathan Hamiel & Shawn Moyer: Weaponizing the Web
  • Eduardo Vela Nava & David Lindsay: Our Favorite XSS Filters and How to Attack Them
  • Dan Kaminsky: Something to do with Network Security? (LOLZ)
  • Thomas Ptacek, David Goldsmith & Jeremy Rauch: Hacking Capitalism '09

Day 2
Not that interested in any of the 10am talks, so either
  • Zane Lackey & Luis Miras: Attacking SMS
    • or
  • Tyler Krpata: Sleep Late :)
  • Jeremiah Grossman & Trey Ford: Mo' Money Mo' Problems (and I don't even have to be there!)
  • Kevin Mahaffey, Anthony Lineberry & John Hering: Is Your Phone Pwned?
  • Turbo track
    • Steve Ocepek: Long-Term Sessions - This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things
    • Peter Guerra: How Economics and Information Security Affects Cyber Crime
    • Michael Brooks: BitTorrent hacks
  • Bruce Schneier: Reconceptualizing Security

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