Tuesday, July 24, 2007

in ur datacenter, breakin ur web 2.0

So apparently, according to this site, either a power outage or a drunken employee (or both) knocked several popular web sites offline this evening, including LiveJournal, Craigslist, TypePad, and Technorati.

I searched Google News for the name of the datacenter, 365 Main. All I found was COMEDY GOLD.

Which makes me believe that I can no longer use Google for breaking news. I ended up finding this information on Digg, which is a big win for "Web 2.0".

(Despite the fact that Digg seems to be the only "Web 2.0" site up and running right now, that is.)

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Anonymous said...

No coincidence Digg was up... the CEO of Digg was also a founder of Equinix, a company that actually knows how to build and run data centers, unlike 365 Main despite their unmitigated hubris. I don't actually know where Digg has their servers, but it wouldn't be 365 Main.